Did you know Larry Wilmore, senior news negro at The Daily Show, has a book out? Wait, can I use the n-word here? News? Anyone, news?

So funny, huh? Well, we're still getting acclimated to the weekend guest-hosting and sometimes to buy time you have to use older — but timeless! — material. What follows is two minutes of extra time from my interview for The Daily Beast with Larry Wilmore, Senior Black Correspondent on that Comedy Central show that's sort of like what Chocolate News used to be. His book is called I'd Rather We Got Casinos and Other Black Thoughts. It's cool when the brothers hang out like they're in the barbershop and whatnot, so enjoy being a fly on the wall as Larry and I talk about "blacklash," Obama's chances if he had a white girlfriend, and if The Daily Show salary will afford Mr. W the chance to father a black Paris Hilton.

Larry Wilmore from weekendvids on Vimeo.