On this rainy Saturday, we're going to try out something new in Gawker weekend programming: for the next couple hours, Patrice Evans, a/k/a The Assimilated Negro (or T.A.N. for short), will be your guest host.

In true blog style, we're figuring this out as we go, but the idea is that as long as you're nice and he's willing, T.A.N. will be back every Saturday afternoon to share his wit and wisdom. He makes his blog home here where he ruminates on pop culture, race, politics, comedy and hip hop and has contributed to outfits including the New York Times, NPR, The Guardian and The Daily Beast. He's currently at work on his first book titled Negropedia which he describes as "an encyclopedic send-up of the modern black experience in post-racial America" and is due in to his publisher Crown/Three Rivers later this year.