The New School kids just won't stop getting arrested. At 10 p.m. last night, 200 protesters gathered in Union Square and tried to march en masse to New School president Bob Kerrey's house.

There were two arrests, according to the AP, after NYPD cops blocked the group from reaching Kerrey's home. That comes on the heels of yesterday's arrests of 22 students after the cops rather brutally shut down a brief occupation of a New School building and then totally got caught lying about it.

The cops initially insisted that pepper spray wasn't used in yesterday morning's operation, telling the New York Time's City Blog yesterday that it was "untrue that pepper spray or mace was used in effectuating the arrests." When that was challenged, a spokesman later clarified that he meant no pepper spray was used to arrest people inside the building. But after being shown video footage of actual pepper spray actually being sprayed into the occupied building by actual cops, an NYPD spokesman offered this gem of a quote to the Times this morning: "Now, once I see it, I know what is going on."