What the hell is wrong with Caroline Kennedy? Didn't she learn that she doesn't really care for public scrutiny, one bit? Why did she want to be the ambassador to the Vatican?

Well, maybe it's not her fault. She has all these terrible "friends" who encourage her to do these things, right? Isn't that what we learned during the Senate thing? And, you know, most ambassadors don't actually need any skills or experience. (Unlike Senators, right?)

Still, she should've known that the second news leaked that she maybe wanted this dumb job, everyone would pile on again, with the armchair psychoanalysis and old-fashioned political attacks.

She is a lady, and she loves abortions, so she probably would not get along very well with the Nazi Pope, true. But who the fuck cares about pleasing that old troll? Go ahead and let Caroline have her Roman Spring of Mrs. Schlossberg.