In your finally Friday media column: the New York Times "eats crow" (funny joke LOL), the Newseum wins, ASME loses, and police charge Fox with being annoying:

A New York Times correction coming this weekend about an article from last December about a "vending machine for crows" in the Binghamton zoo says in part: "The Times has since learned that Klein was never at the Binghamton Zoo, and there were no crows on display there in June 2008. He performed these experiments with captive crows in a Brooklyn apartment; he told the reporter about the Brooklyn crows but implied that his work with them was preliminary to the work at the zoo...Corvid experts who have since been interviewed have said that Klein's machine is unlikely to work as intended." That's pretty bad.

The Newseum in DC had 714,000 paid visitors in its first year. That makes it just as popular as the Washington Post.

Toothless magazine group ASME is criticizing ESPN mag and EW for putting ads on their front covers. Here's what we imagine the mags' response is: "Give me one million dollars and then I won't do it."

A Fox employee has reportedly been arrested for stealing the personal information of other Fox employees. Actual quote from an internal Fox email: "The investigation suggests that the confidential data was used to annoy selected individuals." HAHAHAHA. ['Fox is annoying regardless joke']

[Newseum pic via Sonofgroucho]