NBC is reportedly developing a sitcom called "George and Hilly" based on New York Observer writer George Gurley's columns about couples therapy with his fiancee. Here's what prime time viewers have to look forward to:


GEORGE: I decided that day we'd go to Zarela because I knew they had waiters who come over and sing opera and stuff, so I set that up, and right before I left to meet Hilly, I checked my favorite Web sites and there were some really negative, mean comments on one of them-about me. And it really jolted me. Here I'm about to go give this ring to Hilly, big moment in my life, in her life, and I have to read that I'm a selfish, narcissistic loser: "I've always considered George Gurley to be a complete loser." And someone else compared me to the guy in Out of Africa who gave Meryl Streep syphilis.

DR. SELMAN: This was based on the column?

GEORGE: I think so. Maybe some other things, too. So I had these commenter comments in my head and this was terrible timing. Here I am, an hour away from getting engaged, and I have these comments in my head. So I had to push these thoughts out of my head, and get into a better mood to propose to Hilly. I had to come up with something fast, so I thought about when I was that age-because I picture these commenters, they're 25 years old, graduated from Wesleyan and now here they're here in New York and no one's paying attention to them, no one cares about their degree in comparative literature or herstory, and then they'll read something like this column and something goes off in their brain-"Heyyyy, wait a second, I'm smarter than that guy! What about me? It's my turn. Why do I have to work at this crappy job, and he doesn't even have to go into an office? He goes out every night and sits around all day in his pajamas. …" So then I started thinking, that's real power. I took it a little farther, and thought, I'm probably one of the most powerful people in New York. Don't have to get up in the morning. Don't have to go into an office. Can Mayor Bloomberg do that? No.



HILLY: Where's the Effexor? Get the Effexor. Immediately. Give it to him.


HILLY: Well, George has been a mess and-bless his sweet heart-he's been really sick. He's had shingles. We went to Florida for a long weekend-we stayed in the most gorgeous house you could ever imagine in your life, right on the beach. It was the most idyllic weekend in the whole entire world. The day after we came back-I had to go on a business trip for two weeks-George developed shingles. He was on all of this medication, and it worsened his stomach problems; he was on painkillers and antibiotics and he couldn't eat, because of the pain in his ear and mouth. It's just been lingering. I think the stress from the illness worsens his day-to-day stress. It just doesn't stop. He can't even speak-he sits there, almost in a fetal position. In addition, he spent the last five nights in a hotel, because he can't take the air in the apartment, can't sleep.

It's the next Sex and the City! [Pic: NYO]