The fake front page story in Thursday's Los Angeles Times was a PR disaster; staffers are signing a petition calling it "embarrassing and demoralizing." Naturally, then, management is planning a sequel.

On Sunday, the Calendar section will be wrapped in a four-page supplement designed to look like LA Times content, LA Observed reports. In reality, the content is advertising copy for the movie The Soloist.

To make the supplement especially confusing, it contains a Q&A with an actual columnist for the newspaper, Steve Lopez, whose book inspired the movie.

The Soloist, by the way, is about a journalist "disenchanted" because "the newspaper business is in an uproar." The journalist (Lopez) becomes inspired by a street musician, writes a series of columns about him and becomes determined to turn the guy's life around.

But no one reads the columns, because they come buried under and surrounded by lookalike ads. Wanting for readers, the newspaper goes bankrupt; the street musician languishes in obscurity, destined to live out his days penniless and alone. (We're joking about this terrible ending, of course. Like that could ever happen.)