Palin's Deceptions, a meticulous, obsessive blog devoted to proving that Sarah Palin is not the mother of Trigg, has published an exhaustive "analysis" of Bristol Palin's MySpace messages going back to 2005.

The blog approaches its subject forensically. Palin's Deceptions claims that MySpace was "scrubbed" of messages from Bristol, who had been a prodigious user of the site to stay in touch with friends in Wasilla while she was living in Juneau, around June of 2007. But it has collected, cross-referenced, and collated what messages remain on MySpace from, to, and among Palin's circle of friends to come up with a portrait of teen living in God's Country, including apparent revelations that Sarah Palin had previously accused her daughter of being pregnant and that Bristol's brother once told their mother that Bristol was a "stoner."

The view of teen life in Wasilla Alaska gleaned from the fifty or so MySpace pages that our researchers have followed diligently shows a sad, disappointing, in fact, very upsetting tale. If these are the family values that the McCain campaign hoped Gov. Palin would bring to America, all I can say is "no thanks." Drug and alcohol use is detailed, even boasted about regularly, by teens as young as fourteen and fifteen. Young women who are no more than fifteen discuss who is f***ing whom with the ease of a discussion about who will pick up the pizza. Bristol Palin, presented to the country by her mother as an honor student, at age 16 does not spell the word "decided" correctly.

Among the choice communiques culled is this May 2007 conversation between Bristol and "Johnny," whom the blog identifies (citing the National Enquirer) as the boy Bristol dated before Levi Johnston:

That would be a full year before Bristol actually became pregnant, rendering Palin's later claims that she was surprised at Bristol's pregnancy somewhat disingenuous.

Also, if the MySpace posts pulled here are to be believed, Bristol was a pothead—or at least her brother Track narced on her to their mom that she was.

The MySpace messages also, according to Palin's Deceptions, provide ample evidence that Bristol knew plenty of pregnant teenagers in Alaska, something she has denied. "This is totally false and seems like a pointless lie," according to the blog. "Numerous girls in Bristol's circle at Wasilla had already had babies."

Caveats: Palin's Deceptions provides no links to the MySpace pages cited, claiming that they have been private or removed. The blog did, however, provide a pdf of screengrabs of the comments along with various items of corroborating evidence, which is where we got the images used above. But that pdf has since been taken down, the blog says, "while we check a final fact." Could they be wrong? Yes! Will every teenager's private exploits forever be archived and catalogued for public viewing and mockery thanks to MySpace? Yes! Here's Bristol's alleged final MySpace comment—the last one that survived "scrubbing" by Palin's flying monkeys:

The analysis comes in three parts. Part one is here, part two is here, and part three is forthcoming.

UPDATE: The proprietor of Palin's Deception writes in to say that the pdf with screenshots of all the messages can be found here.