The stroller-and-laptop-wielding factions of Park Slope have not yet broken out into open rebellion in the streets over the Park Slop Parents Messageboard Fee Outrage, although a splinter group may be increasing the palpable tension:

Some lady's plan to charge people $25 for access to their precious precious listserv of yuppie commiseration may have a fatal flaw: some dude could just start another listserv. It's crazy enough to work!

One enterprising Brooklyn dad — miffed at plans to charge members of the popular Web site "Park Slope Parents" an annual fee — created a competing online group and quickly signed up 15 members.

Craig Bromberg, a father of twin boys, said it took him only 10 minutes to get the user group "Park Slope Kids and Parents" online.

By god we look forward to a long and acrimonious relationship between these two competing messageboards of doom. "'I, for one, expected better of Park Slope Parents,' fumed one poster, who signed herself as 'Anna, mama to Alice, 15 months.'" Fucking forget it, Anna mama to Alice. This shit will get ugly.

Meanwhile, the hot topic of conversation on Williamsboard: "so i just found out a friend of mine took this girl's virginity using one of them NYC condoms last week."
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