Actors who try to be in bands are often the biggest assholes of all actors. Billy Bob Thornton is no exception. He recently bitched at a Canadian radio DJ for calling him... an actor.

The genial Q TV host, Jian Ghomeshi, introduced Billy Bob as an "Oscar-winning screenwriter, actor, and director" when doing an interview with Thornton and his band The Boxmasters. And that ticked ol' Billy B. off something fierce.

He was first sullen and sulky, answering questions evasively, when he was answering them at all, but then the whole thing spun out of control. When pressed to answer a question about his musical influences, Thornton pissily, an inexplicably, compared himself to Tom Petty, then just acted like a petulant little baby. Basically because he felt that people weren't taking his precious, precious "cosmic cowboy music" seriously enough. It gets real weird and awkward about half way through.