Sarah Palin's former future son-in-law, Levi Johnston, hit the Early Show, continuing his soft-spoken media beef with the Alaska governor. He blames his breakup with Bristol Palin, the mother of his child, on the election.

This whole mess began when candidate Palin roped Levi Johnston onto the stage at the Republican National Convention, and promised he and her daughter. by the obviously pregnant, would be married by the election. That never happened. And after Palin failed to become vice president and returned to Wasilla, Alaska, things went downhill fast for the young couple.

Johnston proclaims his devotion to his son Tripp and touches on the ongoing, pointless debate over whether his family is white trash — they are, but so are the Palins, and none of them less lovable for it. But the real issue are whether Sarah Palin, a crusader for family values, sanctioned Johnston's sleepovers at the Palin house. His sister Mercede says she didn't even get to see him during the two months that he lived there — a charge she first made on MySpace.

The Palin camp is accusing Johnston of seeking publicity. Pot, kettle, etc. But they may have a point. At the end of the interview, anchorlady Maggie Rodriguez reveals that Johnston hopes to find work as an actor or model — otherwise it's back to pursuing a career as an electrician. Levi, may we suggest modeling? Speaking audibly is considered a prerequisite for acting.

There's one lingering question to this family feud: How close were the Johnstons and the Palins before Sarah Palin became a national political figure. Palin's Deception, a blog dedicated to proving that Trig Palin is not Sarah Palin's baby, raises an interesting point with a photo of Sarah Palin and Mercede Johnston in the Palin's kitchen. Then there's the theory that Sherry Johnston, Levi's mom, who was busted in December for possession and distribution of oxycontin, was the dealer for Sarah's son Track, whose alleged drug problems were aired last September. What else went on between these upstanding citizens of Wasilla?