Nothing about, Josh Harris's '90s-era Internet-broadcasting startup, was ever particularly real. So when Harris was apparently attacked by someone claiming to be a Pseudo fan last night, can you blame his doubters?

On Monday at a Manhattan screening of We Live in Public, a documentary about Pseudo's late-'90s experiments in 24/7 Internet broadcasting (you can watch the trailer here, a bearded man got up and started ranting about how his obsession with one of Pseudo's programs, Toilet Boys, forced him to seek high-speed Internet access at the local library at 11:30 at night. He then called Harris a "fucking megalomaniac," lept onto the stage, and attacked him.

Physicist Debbie Berebichez said on Twitter that Harris admitted to her after the event that the fight was staged, and his attacker was actually a former partner of his in (He's been identified as Robert Galinsky, a former producer who now coaches would-be reality-TV stars.) Harris has described Pseudo as a piece of "long-form conceptual art." Perhaps it simply hasn't concluded yet?

As Harris likes to point out, the New York Times writer who covered Pseudo's rise and fall was disgraced fabulist Jayson Blair.