If there's anyone who grasps the secrets of cultural "buzz," it's Spatial Information experts employed in academia. There's a new "Geography of Buzz" map that scientifically proves that "buzz" is centered...where events are held.

Planning experts from USC and Columbia set out to quantify this elusive "buzz" that you hear so much about. And their effort is very cool, in its own way. But their methodology was this: they "mined thousands of photographs from Getty Images that chronicled flashy parties and smaller affairs on both coasts for a year, beginning in March 2006." They categorized the photos, put their locations onto a map of NYC, and there you have it—you can actually see where the buzz is.

It's in midtown! And Chelsea and Soho. These are the centers of buzzworthy culture in NYC, you see, because it's where the most events were held that attracted photographers from Getty Images. Brooklyn, the L.E.S., and other places you may have erroneously suspected of having buzz, by contrast, do not actually have any buzz.

If you believe that buzz is defined by celebrity-heavy event locations, then this is the final word on it. [NYT, Spatial Information Design Lab]