Hello, what is Ronn [sic] Torossian's wacky PR firm, 5WPR, doing now? They're flacking for a pyramid scheme, reportedly! That's just nice. As Ronn says, "Times such as these are no time for ego."

Felix Salmon got one of those world famous 5W press releases, which, excitingly, contained the solution to America's unemployment woes:

And with more than 5.1 million jobs lost since the beginning of 2008 and 630,000 jobs lost in March alone, and with millions vying for the same rare and elusive job openings, more and more are turning to direct selling…

[Redacted pyramid scheme] has grown rapidly recently, with over 2,000 independent sales representatives across the country.

Distasteful maybe, but as Ronn also says, "It's a time for everyone to pitch in, and 'play hurt.' Get the job done. Work extra hard and get it done." You have to take what you can get these days! Particularly when your right-hand man Adam Handelsman recently left you for another PR firm, and your agency's headcount is down by more than half, and you're renting out space to the public in your too-large office, and your employees continue to write press releases that are the industry standard for "bad," and your $20 million lawsuit against some guy who called you a douchebag is just not paying off as you expected. Ronn's going through all this right now. So cut him some slack.