It turns out the Out magazine's item on Matt Drudge, which got the internet publisher so riled up last week, was sourced to a onetime gay stripper's memoir. The ex-stripper has more stories.

Craig Seymour knew Drudge when both of them worked as telemarketers at Time-Life and used to crisscross the DC Beltway together into the wee hours.

According to a memoir excerpt Seymour posted to his blog, Drudge's love for Chaka Khan and the Young and the Restless — both reported by Out, to Drudge's great shame — aren't the fedora-wearing blogger's only embarrassing pop-culture obsessions: He also had a "love/hate relationship" with pop singer Whitney Houston and her hit "One Moment in Time."

(Are you just going to let Seymour say such salacious things, Matt?)Whitney Houston obsession aside, Seymour portrays Drudge as a pretty caring friend, nurturing the duo's shared, vaguely outsider ambitions. The pair talked about music and soap opera. They moved from New York to DC together.

Their chats could touch on intimate subjects:

For the most part, we didn't discuss a lot of personal stuff, but one time when we were talking about gay people, I told Matthew that I couldn't imagine kissing another guy. He looked me in the eyes and said, "Of course you can," recognizing something in me that I wasn't ready to acknowledge.

Drudge later wrote Seymour a handwritten, five-page note reading, "Whatever happened to us?" As it turned out, something was about to happen to him, and Seymour became part of a past that post-fame Drudge guards closely. Maybe that's out of awkwardness about his own sexuality, but maybe also because there are parts of even a gossip's life he holds close and dear.

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