There was so much to enjoy about Levi Johnston's appearance on the Tyra Banks Show, starting with the way he got caught damn near lying about always using protection with Bristol Palin.

Johnston finally admitted, after Banks pressed him for the millionth time, that he and Palin sometimes fooled around without using birth control prior to Palin's unplanned pregnancy.

Other enertaining moments included a prediction from Johnston, the father of Sarah Palin's grandchild, that he will have to sue the former Republican vice presidential nominee's daughter for the right to visit his child more frequently.

Johnston also discussed how unhappy Sarah Palin was to receive word that her family would forever be joined with the "white trash" Johnstons via the miracle of teen pregnancy, thus ruining Palin's shot at being seen as the Republican Party's leading intellectual voice and arbiter of cultural refinement.

And that's just the Levi Johnston madness, all condensed into the clip above. Below, find samples of Johnston family insanity, including mother Sherry Johnston explaining that if she gets a picture of her grandchild, she promises not to sell it to the tabloids, for meth.

Given that Sarah Palin is one of the few obvious, plausible Republican candidates for president in 2012, MoveOn or some other Democratic 527 is probably splicing the choicest Tyra bits into an attack ad right now. Tagline: "Sarah Palin '12: Bring Wasilla's Family Feud to the White House."