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This is Nina Willdorf, currently the editor-in-chief of Budget Travel. Do you know anything about her? We're looking for info from those who've worked with her. We keep hearing stories.

Nina, an ambitious young go-getter, was the editor of Girlfriend Getaways, and took over at Budget Travel last fall. But people tell us that she's destroyed morale there during her harsh reign. One story: she allegedly keeps the mastheads of magazines that have folded on her desk, like heads on a pike outside a warring city, to warn staffers of what might await them out in the big bad world.

She's also written some books on how to live 'City Chic," cheap!

So is Nina really a terror? Or do we have her all wrong? If you have info or stories to share—good or bad!—email us. We wish only to celebrate the righteous and expose the media tyrants.