Low-ceiling'd smokehut the Beatrice Inn, a hip downtown bar frequented by society types and New York celebrities alike, has been padlocked. Some say it's because of all the druggery and smoking, others because of overcrowding.

The New York Observer says that the place was locked down because of an extra 38 people found in the club on Friday night. They also note that the Bea's owners, Matt Abramcyk and Paul Sevigny, owe the city some $23,000 in unpaid fines for construction violations.

For his part, Sevigny tells BlackBook that there will be a "Free Beatrice" party at some point this week, because the glassy-eyed tiny wanderers who like to sit in the dark basement and feel cool and fucked up will not let their beloved Beatrice, their "living room," sit idle and empty. BlackBook also floats the rumor that Kate Moss's (or former Page Sixer Chris Wilson's) bloody nose was the reason for the shutdown.

Whatever the case may be, it's a tragedy for the entire City of New York, which relies heavily on the Beatrice to each night safely stow away some 125 of its most fucking annoying citizens, so the rest of us don't have to deal with them.