Facebook will be so over one of these days, and Vanessa Grigoriadis, New York's scribe of the self, is ready to quit. She's totally done with Mark Zuckerberg's creation. Just one more status update, promise!

In her cover story, Grigoriadis trots over the familiar ground of Facebook's revolting users: Julius Harper, the fellow who started a group to protest the site's information-grabbing revision to its terms of service; those outraged by its redesign; and her anonymous New York friends, who exposed themselves to personal trauma through oversharing. (One tried to hit on a former crush, only to discover, courtesy of his freshly exposed Facebook profile, that he was married.)

That's the biggest weakness of Grigoriadis's piece: In attempting to understand Facebook, she never really leaves her circle of friends. But isn't that what the site does to all of us? By charting our messy circles of acquaintances into a clean "social graph," it makes our social lives anodyne and safe. Grigoriadis wonders what will happen when we all get sick of Facebook. Shouldn't we be more worried about what happens if we don't?