The return of Freddy Krueger. The sad remaining of Chace Crawford. Christina Ricci books a porn movie, The Hangover goes out on the town again, and The Game hopes to keep playing.

Though the first one hasn't even been released, Warner Bros. has already struck a deal with director Todd Phillips to create a sequel to The Hangover, a comedy starring Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis. The film has apparently tested well and a trailer had people rolling in the aisles at ShoWest. [Variety] Joel Schumacher, the sometimes-hackish director who nearly killed the Batman franchise until Christopher Nolan, dressed as Florence Nightingale, ran over to save it, has assembled one of the weirder casts possible for his new movie, Twelve. The film about youth and drugs and murder, based on a book, will star 50 Cent, Ellen Barkin, Kiefer Sutherland, Nancy Drew, the youngest acting Culkin, and Chace Crawford. [Variety]

As if there wasn't enough crap on TBS and TNT already, Turner has just signed a deal with Tyler Perry, getting first network TV rights to his oeuvre. Perhaps it's the Atlanta connection that keeps the two juggernauts working together (TBS airs two Tyler Perry-created shows)? Turner has also cornered the market on Jason Statham movies, picking up Crank 2: High Voltage, The Transporter 3, and the actually pretty good The Bank Job. [Variety]

New Line has cast area creepo Jackie Earle Haley as its next Freddy Krueger. The movie haus is putting together a sequel/reboot of their classic kills-you-in-your-sleep franchise, creatively titled A Nightmare On Elm Street. It's good casting, but man oh man must Robert Englund be pissed. [Variety] Jason Katims, the busy showrunner type from Friday Night Lights and the upcoming Parenthood, has signed on to steer another series. This one is called Dorothy Gale and is modern Wizard of Oz story about a girl who moves from Kansas to big, bad Manhattan to pursue her dream of working in the art world. Katims' first act as boss? Deeming the original title, Ugly Dorothy Has Sex in the City with Her Friends and then Meets Your Mother, too long. [Variety]

Erstwhile Hollywood star Christina Ricci has been cast in the new Adam Sandler movie, though it doesn't look as though Sandler himself will star. But he did write it! It's about a guy who discovers that his parents were secretly porn stars in the 70's, so he moves to Hollywood to continue the proud family tradition. Ricci plays the confused girlfriend. [THR] Speaking of comedy, the CW is jettisoning its half-hour sitcom programming at the end of this season, but one of its sitcoms, The Game, is hoping to stay on. Show creator Mara Brock Akil is expected to pitch the show as an hour-long dramedy. The series, about wives of famous athletes, is a spin-off from the net's more successful series Girlfriends. As THR gently points out, the rest of the net's series are "far less urban," mostly because they don't have many black people on them. So it might be a tough sell. [THR]