Ohmigod, best newsman in the world Pat Kiernan of NY1 is taking "In the Papers" onto the internet. You can get it any time! It is now safe to move away from New York.

"In the Papers," as you know unless you have the grave misfortune to live somewhere where you are unable to enjoy Pat Kiernan's calm visage and dulcet tones in the morning, is a segment where Pat leafs through the morning papers, pointing out the stories that are interesting to Pat Kiernan. Now Pat's going to "expand his personal brand" by taking the segment online, so readers across the nation can allow Pat Kiernan to "'cut through the clutter' and compile the most relevant articles for readers each day."

What's that you say—this is just a half-ass news roundup of the sort that countless blogs have been doing for more than a decade now? Shut up. This involves Pat Kiernan. End of discussion.

Plus Pat has a blog where he addresses the question of "whether I might enjoy the fish tacos."
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