Paparazzi life is war! Two photographers who were trying to photograph Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen's wedding ceremony in Costa Rica say the couple's bodyguards shattered their car window. With a bullet, from a gun!

Sure, we always suspected that Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen were psycho gunslingers, but this seems a bit extreme. Gisele reportedly had an exclusive photo deal with some Brazilian magazine; when the couple's bodyguards caught the two photographers trying to take photos from a neighbor's land, they brought them back to the house, where they were "screamed" at by Brady's friends and bodyguards. When they finally left and drove away, they say, this happened:

As the lensman drove away, Aviles said he spotted one of Brady's men pull a pistol.

Seconds later, a bullet shattered the back of Cortez's SUV, struck a front windshield wiper and then bounced back into the cabin, landing in between the terrified shutterbugs.

"I thought this was going to be my last job," Aviles said.

The fotogs said they found a .38-caliber slug in their SUV's front cabin.

NOT COOL. Yuri Cortez is reportedly a stringer for AFP, and that's really, you know, not generally acceptable. Shooting at news photographers. The bigger issue here: is the magazine world this competitive now, that photo exclusives must be protected with handguns? Shall we expect OK! magazine to hire Blackwater in the near future? Or have they already?

Given that Tom Brady plays for Boston, this was probably inevitable. [NYP, INF Daily. Pic, by Yuri Cortez of the AFP, via Getty]