"CONSIDER the erotic potential between blogger and commenters," begins a trend story, as I gag on my coffee, laughing derisively. But hey it turns out some of these "bloggers" really are big pimpin!

Ann Althouse, for one! She's a conservative legal blogger; he's a commenter, a "divorced, father of a college student and a garden designer and caretaker for a Cincinnati estate" who was "intellectually smitten" by her bloggerisms; he was flirty in the comments, asked her out via email, drove ten hours to meet her for dinner and a movie, and a few more dates, and next thing you know they're oversharing all over the place, together!

The couple spent two more weekends and 10 days' vacation together. Ms. Althouse blogged as usual, but did not disclose the romance. She did drop hints and puns like bread crumbs, alluding, for instance, to mead, the honeyed drink. On Feb. 28, Ms. Althouse posted a photo of a skillet on a stove, with the headline: "You cook breakfast. I'll blog it."

Mr. Meade wrote: "Nice steamy reflections."

Well I'm now gagging out of disgust rather than derision, but that's just because I'm an awful, bitter person. Congratulations to the happy couple. Any commenters here acting like that will be immediately banned. Let's keep the whirlwind romances in bathroom stalls, where they belong. [NYT]