In the halcyon days of 2007, Eric Schaeffer, a skeevy Internet dater and author of ironically titled book I Can't Believe I'm Still Single, was one of Gawker's favorite villains. He's getting another TV show.

To be honest, it's Friday and I'm not sure I can do justice to the whole saga. (If you want to catch up, reading through his tag page will be educational.) So suffice it to say that he sought out to capitalize on his reputation as a misogynist and lothario, this site pretty much cemented it, which was hilarious to television executives (because Hollywood is run mostly by guys who want to be misogynist lotharios) and eventually he got a TV show on Showtime (which I keep meaning to subscribe to) called, you guessed it, I Can't Believe I'm Still Single.

Apparently it was about him going on a road trip looking for love. My guess is he failed to find it. Because now there is the creatively titled I Can't Believe I'm Still Single II in which he does the same thing, except this time he has friend-of-Gawker (and foe-of-Scientology) Mark Ebner on board as his "wing man." So for us, it's sort of like the Iron Sheik and Hulk Hogan making a buddy flick. We have no idea if or when this is actually airing. But enjoy (or detest), and have a happy weekend.