Oh, Rod Blagojevich. God bless you for brightening up this bleak Friday. News from you is like the sun coming out from behind the clouds! What's up now? Oh, you tried to extort Rahm Emaneul?

Hah, yes, hooray—details from a federal indictment released Thursday tell the proud story of "Congressman A," our own Rahm Emanuel, and how Blago tried to block money meant for a school in Rahm's district. Then Blago told Rahm, Rahm, he said, you know what would be really super nice? If your brother Ari got some celebrities to throw a fundraiser for me!

Rahm's brother Ari is, of course, a famous agent, and he is played by famous poisoned actor Jeremy Piven on a tv show, so obviously he knows lots of famous people.

Prosecutors said a fundraiser was never held. The aide would not say whether Emanuel ever actually learned of the request.

Hah. No, of course not. We're guessing Rahm did know of the request, and we're guessing he ignored it, because it was probably best to just ignore the crazy things Governor Blago said.

Of course this is proof that Rahm Emanuel is corrupt and probably guilty of CRIMES, according to The Corner.