Poor old Kelly Bensimon. The newest and worst Real Housewife of New York hasn't had much luck with fame. First she was arrested for twink assault, and now her modeling contract's been dropped by Saks.

The New York Post reports that Bensimon, 54 (give or take a few years), will not continue to model with the luxe department store. She was the face of their spring catalog but now, perhaps due to her legal troubles or her sudden infamy for her terrible behavior on the Bravo show, she will pose in twill and tweed and cable-knit no more. The company has "no plans to re-sign her," says a Saks insider.

Kelly for her part remains upbeat, saying "Working with Saks is a wonderful experience that I hope to continue in the future."

We wonder if, at this point, she'd say the same thing about the show. Look up 'backfire' in the dictionary these days, and you just might find a picture of her, signing that ill-fated contract.

Aha! Also! A tipster reminds us that Bensimon is trying to sell her Hamptons home. Cash flow problems perhaps?