Too bad if you didn't like that My Melancholy Whores book. It's most likely going to be legendary Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez's last. His agent says he doesn't expect another book.

"I don't think that García Márquez will write anything else" was his simply-worded explanation to Chilean newspaper La Tercera. A biographer of Márquez's, Gerald Martin, confirms the sentiment, and elaborates:

I also believe that Gabo won't write any more books, but I don't think this is too regrettable, because as a writer it was his destiny to have the immense satisfaction of having a totally coherent literary career many years before the end of his natural life.

Though rumors were raised last year by a writer who claimed that Márquez was working on a new book, those whispers have since been silenced. It looks like this is it. We're left to languish for a hundred lonely years of literary solitude, flush with the, um... cholera... of... literary... want?


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