Your typical liberal wimp likes to do a little yoga in the morning, maybe some positive visualization. A Fox News broadcaster, meanwhile, likes to punch himself in the face, repeatedly. Here's how.

Bill O'Reilly explained it to the Milwaukee Journal the other day, during his "I'm a bigger deal than Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh" media tour. Here's the sort of warm fuzzy that circulates around the office each morning:

“I get a clip file every single day. The clip file has in it all attacks on Fox News personnel from all the media around the country... Every day. News reporters are attacked, executives are attacked, show hosts are attacked, every day."

You know, that would kind of explains a lot. Reading a daily enemies list would help Fox News flack Irena Briganti become known more for her blacklist and revenge plots than as a high-energy, friends-with-everyone promoter for her network.

It would explain why even Shep Smith, the in-house contrarian who eschews the predictability of partisanship, has adopted as his slogan "They hate us and want us to fail."

And why O'Reilly's chronic temper tantrums have only gotten worse since he came to Fox.

Daily habits are powerful. Go for a swim each morning, you'll feel energized. Drink a cup of coffee, you'll feel wired. Read the worst things anyone has said about you, anywhere, and you'll be ready to rip someone's head off.

That last one is probably the winning habit, not so much for your heart as for your ratings.

[via Inside Cable News]