It turns out that, prior to being arrested at a bar brawl and maybe snorting coke on camera, Ashley Biden was busted for drinking before she was 21. Just like Jenna Bush!

Bloggy private eye Joseph Culligan has been sitting on the arrest records but decided to post them to his after a purported tape of Biden snorting cocaine was circulated to tabloid editors, making the tidbit newsworthy.

According to Howard County, Maryland district court records, the vice president's daughter was cited for possession of a alcoholic beverage back in July of 2001, after she had just turned 20. She pled guilty and was fined $125.

In 2002 came the bar brawl, and now the coke allegations. If Biden — now 27 and a social worker, it should be noted — keeps escalating her behavior, she'll make a worthy successor to Jenna and Barbara Bush. As bankers and auto executives sell off their jets and go on the government dole, there would be something oddly comforting about seeing another spoiled child of aristocracy getting intoxicated, confounding her Secret Service detail and embarrassing the White House.

Because, hey, you might be an unemployed credit card deadbeat whose house was repossessed, but you can still sit in judgement of the spoiled little rich girl. Yay?

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