Spencer Morgan's weekly Observer profile of an annoying and wealthy young man today is about "Greek shipping heir–slash–journalist Taki Theodoracopulos," about whom we learn the following things:

His dad, the elder Taki, is a big old rich horndog who likes to talk about fucking younger girls all the time; the younger Taki, known as J.T., is a bike messenger and an artist who works in the Nokia cameraphone medium and lives in his own place in Red Hook and he has two kids with a totally hot wife but they're separated and he went to prep school and smoked weed and "messed with" girls and lost his virginity and then got really into graffiti and lived in Paris for a while and got in a fight with Puffy in St. Tropez and met his totally hot wife in Gstaad and now he really just wants to chill and ride his bike and smoke weed and do his art, okay.

Spencer Morgan is now working on a purely conceptual level. [NYO]