All the world government big shots are meeting in London tomorrow for the G20. Really, they're much more worried about the hardtothemuthafuckincore protesters than the economy thing. Are UK protesters putting American protesters to shame?

We're forced to admit that they are. Also, the capitalist pigs on the opposite side of the protesters are putting their meek, chastened American counterparts to shame, by telling the protesters to fuck off:

City workers waved £10 notes at G20 protesters today as thousands descended on London's financial heartland.

Bankers leaning out of office windows taunted demonstrators on the streets below, who responded with jeers and shouts.

Ha ha! See, the two sides of a protest feed off of each other, so this taunting by the rich just makes the anarchohippies more awesome. Already huge crowds have been 'CLASHING' with riot police, shooting paintballs, and hurling fruit, which gives the whole thing a pleasant "Public shaming in the town square, 1745" vibe. Police helicopters are hovering overhead while smoke wafts through the streets, packed with bandanna-clad punks ready to break shit. Or better:

This morning a group [of protesters], caught with police uniforms, drove a riot truck or armored car through the city.

This is the level of commitment that turns street protests from boring retreads of laughable kids playing anarchist and chanting "Si se puede!" into truly entertaining affairs. They have jeering bankers hurling money out windows and tomato-slinging angry unemployed workers stealing armored cars; we have AIG employees scared to wear logo-ed golf shirts, and NYU food court revolutionaries demanding the right to a vegan lunch.

Let's get our act together, America. We can hate each other in a much more professional fashion. Yes we can! [Pic: Getty]