Everyone's for sale: Dennis Rodman's wife will do your show for a beauty school scholarship; Rihanna will do your show if Chris Brown grovels and Ashley Biden's friend will sell her out on spec.

  • Sure, Joe Biden's daughter Ashley maybe snorted some cocaine on camera, but her evil friend bought the coke, brought it to a party and made sure to point his hidden camera at the vice president's daughter while she was snorting it. The whole thing was "an elaborate plot!" Not one of those organic, serendipitous, naturally-occurring coke-snorting videos you see all the time, at Amy Winehouse's flat. [Radar]
  • Oprah Winfrey is the only thing standing between an horrific Chris Brown-Rihanna reunion, because she's been telling Rihanna not to take that awful, abusive man back. Now Oprah's faces an existential crisis, because Rihanna says she will only come on Oprah's show if Brown does, too, i.e. if there's a reunion. Does Oprah do the right thing and keep the couple apart, or turn into...
  • Dr. Phil offered a car, job and beauty-school scholarship to Dennis Rodman's wife if she'd just come on his show and explain how terrible the retired basketball star has been to her, the wife says. Dr. Phil says that's a terrible lie, he doesn't offer "enticements" to guests, just that scholarship and a free "career counselor" consultation. It's not clear if that counselor works in Dr. Phil's HR department. [Gatecrasher]
  • Brad Pitt is supposedly demanding a ring from Angelina Jolie. He's tired of being used as a babysitter, and for his abilities tutoring in French literary theory and particle physics. [OK!]
  • Kissing Top Chef contestant Leah Cohen is still locking lips with fellow contestant Hosea Rosenberg, constantly and in front of everyone. This gives the duo the useful ability to either suppress or feed appetites at will. [P6]