Bill O'Reilly went on David Letterman as part of his quest to get more attention than Rush Limbaugh and his Fox News Channel sibling rival Glenn Beck. Fat chance:

Judging from a preview of tonight's Late Show, O'Reilly spent a lot of time answering questions about... Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.

To preserve his ego, the O'Reilly Factor host called his rival Limbaugh a "straw man" who "nobody takes seriously" as the purported head of the Republican party. He also claimed personal credit for the right-wing radio host's recent ratings surge (since O'Reilly recently ended his own radio show).

Beck apparently emerged unscathed. O'Reilly will presumably leave his rising-star, Fox News colleague to the likes of Dennis Miller and Shep Smith.

There's no sign yet that Letterman asked O'Reilly about his producers' stalking and ambush of ThinkProgress' Amanda Terkel.

A quick excerpt of O'Reilly's appearance is above, taken from the longer YouTube outtake below.