Page Six boss Richard Johnson went to a party in Palm Beach last week! And the local gossip columnist was there, in an amusing role reversal. Johnson's wife keeps him sober-ish:

New York Post gossip Richard Johnson [attended]. [Johnson] seemed to mind his Ps and Qs since his much-younger wife, Palm Beach product Sessa Von Richthofen, kept count of the shots of Belvedere he downed. She annoyingly stuck seven of her fingers in his face after he served himself again. I figured it was time to leave.

But the party was just getting started! Richard Johnson had that DUI a few years ago, so maybe that's his wife's conversation-stopper in these situations? In any case, good to know Richard Johnson's not sippin that Grey Goose—the crunkness could easily spiral out of control.
[ Notice the little bit of bottle in the bottom corner of the pic.]