It's Real Housewives day, apparently! Kelly's going to court, and LuAnn's splitting up. And now we have more information about the Lady deLesseps' mysterious Koreatown rendezvous. She was kissing a fella at the bar.

Another LuAnn Stalker tells us:

My boyfriend and I sat next to her at the bar on Saturday. It was called Players (with a backwards "a") located at 20 West 32nd Street - in Koreatown. We thought it was her the second she sat down but figured it couldn't possibly be because she was with a younger man who was clearly not the Count. She smiled at us a bunch and said hello and then continued to giggle and kiss the man she was with. They did not stay long but it was without a doubt, the Countess.

I guess ol' Crackerjacks knew the end of her Countesship was drawing to a close. So she decided to creak on up to a bar stool in K-town and suck mug with some young colt. Good for her.

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