In your ideal Tuesday media column: Forbes layoffs, Havana goes dark, Brian Tierney's a greedy rat bastard, career suicide, and Tina Brown's a communist:

The word is that Forbes's layoffs are going down today as predicted. Peter Kafka hears the mag "will let go of more than 50 people on its editorial and business teams." The last round of layoffs early this year condensed the online and magazine sides of Forbes into one, so, uh, not sure how much fat is left to cut there at this point.

Ray Sanchez of the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, the last US newspaper reporter based in Havana, is being pulled back home due to budget cuts.

Oh now this one is just precious: Brian Tierney, boss of the bankrupt Philly newspapers, was forced to give up his big raise last month, because some people objected, you know, "Your papers are bankrupt, you greedy fuck." And now—now!—it comes out that, oh yes, Tierney and his top two execs also awarded themselves $650,000 in Christmas bonuses last year. Slipped their minds! How nice of you to remind them! That was after the employees of their failing papers had voted to delay $25 raises, to help save the company. We have no more use for Brian Tierney and any abuse he gets from now on is automatically deserved. Tierney, to freshen your memory, is a former PR man.

Just to be nice, Boston Globe reporter Nicole Wong volunteered to be laid off so that another reporter may live. "Fuck this shit," Nicole likely thought to herself.

Tina Brown and The Daily Beast frankly find your insinuation that they should hire a "sales team" to "sell ads" so that they can "generate income" to be a bit tawdry and—they're quite sorry to say—low class.