The Times Style piece on "orgasmic meditation" came out two weeks ago, so the NY Post stole the idea, and gave it to Justin Rocket Silverman, who wrote about fingering his girlfriend. All very standard.

Justin Rocket Silverman is widely considered attractive by heterosexual females, so no need to get grossed out or anything. So basically Justin and his girlfriend "Layla" go down to the "OneTaste" (HEH) center and he gets her off by hand and maybe stops to take a few notes, while the expert staff sits around approvingly:

Most OMing begins with an "inventory," in which I'm supposed to tell Layla exactly what her honey pot looks like. While she's a stunningly good sport about accompanying me to the OMing itself, she refuses to submit to this initial step.

"I am not used to one person being that aware of my hoo-ha," she tells me later, "let alone three people staring down at it and talking about where to put your hand and how fast to rub."

So, skipping the inventory, we proceed directly to "the stroke."

We won't ruin the rest of the story for you, but just take this as a lesson: You too can find a media job if you're willing to do what it takes. [NYP]