Oh. Damn. Microtrend-spotting evil flack Mark Penn has struck upon the way to get rich. And he reveals it today, in his microtrend column! Totally. Ironclad. Moneymaking. This is why he's much wealthier than you:

STEP ONE: Mark Penn identifies a new microtrend group: people who buy stocks when the market's down. They take risks. Crazy right?

STEP TWO: Allow Mark Penn, kind sirs, to inform you of another microtrend group: people who do not buy stocks when the market's down. In fact you might even say that such people "play it safe."

STEP THREE: Ask yourself, "Which of these groups do I belong to?" Remember your answer.

STEP FOUR: Whichever microtrend group you're in—the "buy now," or the "don't buy now"—act like that. Then watch the money pour in! As Mark Penn says:

I believe that one of the extreme groups is going to get it right, and those doing what the pack is doing will simply wind up on a roller coaster ride to nowhere.

There you have it: according to one of our nation's keenest observers of everything, either buying or selling now will make you rich.

Truly amazing that this man is paid money for whatever it is he does. [WSJ]