Detroit's two newspapers apparently needed confirmation that no longer delivering their paper most days was a terrible idea. They got it: GM's CEO was fired the first day they stopped delivering.


But the nespapers' plan to deliver the news online, in the manner of the future, worked, right? Let's ask the Times:

The computers delivering the e-editions could not keep up on Monday morning, and many people were unable to load them...

“We had an overwhelming — literally overwhelming — number of people trying to get onto the e-edition site this morning...” said Jonathan Wolman, editor and publisher of The News...

Oh, my. Well, what about those printed old-timey newspapers available at stores and so forth?

“I don’t have time to stop at the store,” said [Nancy Nester, 51]. “That’s why I have home delivery... There was this feeling of emptiness.”

Well, that's an achievement: Making a resident of Detroit somehow feel more hopeless and empty inside. Also: Making Detroit officially the most depressing town in America. (For now.)

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