Media beef-starter Michael Wolff is getting a divorce, one month after news broke of his affair with his 28-year-old employee Victoria Floethe.

Page Six had the story, of course, because they're News Corp's dedicated Micheal Wolff Revenge Department, and are just as committed to covering the hell out of any negative Michael Wolff tidbit as the New York Times is to wearily ignoring him.

The bald, trout-pouted Vanity Fair writer, 55, has been carrying on a steamy public affair with intern Victoria Floethe, 28, for months and was finally booted from the home of his wife, Alison Anthoine. He's since been shacking up in hotels around town and hanging out in public with Floethe, whom he took to a pre-opening tasting at Monkey Bar last week.

Now, sources said Wolff and Anthoine will soon begin divorce proceedings. "That is correct," Wolff told Page Six.

Please note: Wolff calmly answered P6's call, gave them a polite, bland confirmation quote, and that was it. His Media Sex Scandal PR chops are still as strong as ever. [P6; Pic via]