Fox News Channel's Greta Van Susteren would have been fine if she'd stopped her Sunday morning blog post after the first paragraph, which said she is not her husband. But she didn't. Of course.

The On The Record host was responding to a Politico story that quoted some anonymous person claiming Van Susteren and her husband John Coale were giving Sarah Palin ruinous advice.

Coale, the national-domination-plotting Scientologist politico, is said to be shadow-operating former Republican VP nominee Palin's political action committee. In her post, Van Sustern listed a bunch of other female TV news personalities with politically active husbands, implying it's entirely possible to be journalistically ethical and have a partisan spouse, particularly if the other keeps a safe distance. Sure.

But then, being something of a rage hoarder, Van Susteren had to go on and on, until finally she was digging herself into a journalistic hole, even as she tried to defend her journalism.

Her husband's advice to Palin apparently isn't an issue because... it came after the 2008 election. And the PAC he set up isn't, like, a real PAC:

Yes, he advised her - after the election - how to set up a PAC (big deal - it is common - routine - for politicians to set up a PAC - virtually every politician has one set up and there is nothing wrong with them.. and incidentally, the PAC was created to pay travel bills she had accumulated and would accumulate in the future and to contribute to other candidates …and the Pac was not to be her chief political advisers which is what the article accuses.)

Emphasis from the original.

Also, Palin got a bum rap in the media. Saying so proves Van Susteren is fair and balanced, or something:

My husband helped with the PAC - I did not - AFTER the election when she was not running for office but trying to dig herself out from lawsuits, ethics complaints and unfair attacks by the media. Big deal. So he was nice to her and wanted to help her and did help her.

Again, emphasis from the original.

The Palin-Van Susteren-Coale relationship is going to be hours and hours of entertainment.