Everyone's a critic. Queen of the South, a movie about the world of Mexico's drug-running gangsters, has been dropped over fears of retribution by criminals who object to their cinematic portrayal

Josh Hartnett, Eva Mendes, and Ben Kingsley had been attached to the project. Writer-director Jonathan Jakubowicz told Variety:

We wanted to shoot in the city of Culiacan in Sinaloa, northern Mexico, the epicenter of the drug wars, but it just wasn't possible. The world should pray for peace in Mexico.

Ah yes, prayer, that familiar habit of Hollywood. Here's another idea: Why doesn't Tinseltown try moderating its habit of snorting the entirety of Peru up its nose? Mexican gangsters would have no business smuggling drugs across the border if the demand weren't there. Mendes did a stint in rehab last year, which we claimed was research for her role as a Spanish drug lord in Queen of the South. Now that the movie's cancelled, what's her excuse?