Mark Penn, the Burson-Marsteller PR guy known for giving terribly inept advice to everyone from Hillary Clinton to Bill Gates, is opening his home to help the poor. Everyone's welcome!

At least we assume they are, since the charity Penn is promoting, National Student Partnerships, listed Penn's home address on the invitation it posted to its website. Tickets for the May 13th event start at $150. (National Student Partnerships seems to be a clever scheme in which rich people are invited to donate money so college students can help poor people, thereby obviating the need for any actual contact between rich and poor.)

One tipster invited to the event wonders if MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, who has made Penn her favorite punching bag, will show. Here's his caustic take:

I cringed when I realized that going to this event meant entering Mark Penn's "sphere of influence" for a few hours.

I got that invite-link from my ex-gf for a fundraiser party at Mark Penn's house. It's for a charity run by her wealthy socialite friend whose dad was a Clinton appointee and a rich defense contractor in the Bush years. They're very close to old Mark and Nan. Interestingly enough, the invite includes Mark Penn and Nancy Jacobson's home address. (I learned I have the misfortune of living a few blocks away.)

Looks like if you donate whatever is left of your 401k, the socialite and Mark Penn promise "to acknowledge/ rub up against you several times during dinner. Rachel Maddow's probably the only one who should talk to Mark Penn or pay money to have a cocktail at his shit-filled dungeon of rotting humanity.