Glenn Beck has been milking his faux populism for ratings gold, but he's walled off his $4.2 million estate behind a 6-foot barrier to keep the poors out. And we hear his neighbors aren't happy.

Beck applied for a permit to build a six-foot wall around his New Canaan, Conn., home (pictured above and below) last year, citing security concerns and claiming that he had been "besieged by angry audiences." Most homes in New Canaan are limited to four-foot fences.

But illegal Mexicans and faceless Illuminati assassins can easily hop four-foot barriers, so Beck asked the town for permission last year to completely encircle his home in a 6-foot wall, and he actually brought a security guard with him to the town meeting where his application was being considered because they are everywhere. Beck had begun construction of the wall prior to receiving permission from the town, a big no-no.

But the request was "approved with conditions," according to the minutes of a May meeting of New Canaan's planning board, and a subsequent June meeting makes mention of a five-foot fence that Beck was trying to reduce to four feet by "grading"—apparently he was just building up earth around the base of the fence so it only extended four feet above the ground. The application called for a fence along the length of Ponus Ridge Rd., in front of Beck's house, as well as Lake Wind Rd., which as you can see from the Google Maps image above, means it would wrap around the entirety of his property.

It's not clear where the fence plan stands today—there are no further mentions in the public records of New Canaan—but a tipster says the barrier has caused consternation among Beck's neighbors, who probably weren't too thrilled about a recovering drug addict paranoiac moving into the neighborhood in the first place.