It's "funny/horrifying political photo funnies Friday" here at Gawker HQ! This is Samuel "Joe the Plumber" Wurzelwhatever wearing one of those popular "Snuggie" things.

See, conservative superlobbyist Grover Norquist holds a secretive, off-the-record power breakfast each Wednesday with various DC conservative powerbrokers and journalists (WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE, KAUS?) For years, many have wondered what goes on at these meetings. Now we know: they wear ridiculous clothes, for laughs.

Some employee of Grover's got drunk and bought a Snuggie, which is how 100% of Snuggie purchases happen, and then he brought it into work. The rest is history! Terrible internet history! This guy promises to bring the Snuggie to the next Wednesday meeting, which means we'll soon have even MORE of these wonderful photos.

In the meantime, here are Joe, Tucker Carlson, and Andrew Breitbart, all looking ridiculous, wearing memes.