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On Tuesday's edition of Jimmy Fallon's late-night laff riot, he used a 'study' about Prague's 'Franz Kafka International Airport' to set up a Hudson River plane crash joke. Trouble is, The Onion made up that 'study.'

The arch satirical news outlet ran a funny video on its site early this week, a report (from former CNN anchor Bobbie Batista!) that the Franz Kafka airport alienated its passengers with strange rules and surreal trips into the horrors of the mind. You know, like a Kafka story.

Fallon (or, more likely, someone on his writing staff) apparently just grazed that headline on some blog and wrote a joke that "it must be bad, because the second worst airport is the Hudson River." Har har. It's pretty clear that Fallon wasn't ripping off the Onion's joke because, um, he didn't seem to get it. But still, this is pretty sloppy, even for the puppyish newbie.

[via Dumb as a Blog]

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Onion News Network segment
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Fallon clip (starts at 2:17)