Executives in AIG's London office called England's Serious Organized Crime Agency to report that they are being extorted out of their bonus money by New York's Attorney General.

This is exactly like calling the cops to report that someone stole your drugs. But proud upper-crust Brits aren't giving up the trappings of aristocracy as quickly as that pansy Jake DeSantis.

From Reuters:

[A] compliance officer for the Banque AIG unit in London went so far as to ask UK authorities from the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) to probe whether demands to return the payments could be considered extortion, according to emails obtained by Reuters.

One British executive told Reuters that the requests to return the money constituted "blackmail," adding, "There is no moral reason to give it back."

That's cool, British AIG execs. Given the way the locals have been voicing their pique, you're going to lose that money one way or the other.

[Photo by Mariano Colantoni.]