Okay so you know that Swedish countess Marie Douglas-David needs $53K per week to live because her CEO (soon-to-be-ex) husband was overly generous and divorce-fetishy (and submissive), but did you know she made him rich?

Today's devLOLopment in this divorce case of the decade: Pillow talk is the same as business consulting advice so she deserves $100 mil, end of story: "She was involved in reasoned discussions with him on a sophisticated level," her lawyer said.

Impossible! Her former United Technologies CEO husband George David's reply: I don't listen to the bitch, naked or not.

"I don't remember individual sexual experiences," he said on the first day of testimony.

Likewise, "I don't remember specific conversations with Marie [about business]," he insisted yesterday.

"But it's like you go home and talk to the dog," he explained yesterday, hastening to add, "I don't mean to equate her to a dog. I just mean you go home after work and you talk to who ever's there."