Online photo service ScanCafe tells us a customer in upstate New York submitted this photo, ostensibly of Bernie Madoff, about a week ago. We were skeptical, but check out the nose and the smile.

The photo is dated 1999 on the ScanCafe website; a company rep said in an email that the shot is believed to be from one of Madoff's costume Christmas parties. Between the hat, dollar-sign chain and fur coat, worn shirtless, it's pretty clear the photo subject is dressed as a pimp.

In other words, a criminal who normally impersonated a legitimate businessman apparently liked to sometimes impersonate a different type of criminal. A less ambitious type, and one who would be facing far less jail time right now if busted by the cops.

The ScanCafe picture could always be a prank. We wonder who would go to this much trouble, though. If it is a fake, then the subject has a future career ahead of him as a Madoff impersonator.