The Googleplex is a place apart. But are the brainiacs of Mountain View, Calif. so cloistered that they haven't heard of AIG's woes? Apparently so, judging by new graphics VP Marissa Mayer unveiled Wednesday.

Mayer's previous attempt to pretty up the customizable iGoogle homepage with designer looks fell flat. At a press event for this week's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Mayer showed off less girly "themes" for iGoogle featuring videogames and professional sports. In designing the FIFA soccer theme, however, someone forgot that tarnished insurance giant AIG still had its logos on Manchester United players' uniforms. Oops!

Here's Mayer briefing the press on the new designs:

One witness declared her top "hideous." Another offers the following commentary: "Something a Palm Beach retiree would wear to a VFW ball. Also, roots showing badly." Meow!